Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bottle Upcycling DIY and Volvic Blogger Parade

Hello hello, happy weekend! Today I've got a new blogpost for my DIY-category for you: it's an easy upcycling project made with an empty water bottle. Let me tell you more:

Volvic Blogger Parade - My Water Drinking Habits

Some weeks ago, I have been asked by Volvic if I was interested in a cooperation and taking part in a blogger parade with many other cool bloggers, writing about our water drinking habits and including a project related to their new bottles.

To dive into the topic before getting to the DIY itself, Volvic asked some questions related to drinking water and a healthy lifestyle and I tried to answer some of them. So here are the first ones:

Describe your drinking behaviour - do you manage drinking those at least 1 1/2 liters which your body needs each day? How to you manage not forgetting to drink enough?
- This is quite simple: starting back then when I was a kid, my mother has always been taking care of me pretty well and explained to me the neccissity of drinking a lot in order to be healthy and to be able to concentrate at school. Since then, it has become a habit and I never had any difficulty drinking enough. Unlike many of my friends, I don't often drink lemonade or any flavored stuff, I just prefer water as it is. Only in winter I do sometimes drink milk, chai or hot chocolate, but even that makes me get thirsty for water in the end. :)

Everyday life sometimes can be really exhausting - where do you get your energy from and how to you manage to be fit again?
- It's not that difficult! The best things to get energy from are enough sleep, good and healthy food and relaxing fun times with the loved ones. After a long day, the best thing for me is to eat something delicious from the organic store, watch a series with my boyfriend and to go to bed early, then my batteries are full again pretty soon.

So apart from good food and enough sleep, it's also important to get lots of fresh air and sunshine, be active outside (nothing better than a long walk on a sunny day) and to drink enough. And as a reminder for not forgetting the last point, Volvic got me their new bottles and here you can now see what I made with them once they were empty:

Supplies for a Bottle Upcycling DIY

What you need:
- An empty bottle
- Fabric and a pretty ribbon
- Stamp and ink pad or fabric paint and a paint brush
- Scissors and a cutter
- All-purpose glue and a roll of tape
- A stapler and - optional - a hot-glue gun (both not pictured)

Make a Pen Holder

Cut the bottle in half. Make sure that your piece of fabric is big enough to cover the whole lower part of the bottle.
Next, use the tape and the glue to attach the fabric. Because I wanted to use two layers of fabric (so that it's not transparent anymore), I attached the first one to the plastic bottle using normal tape.
After having wrapped the fabric around the bottle for one time, I then used my all-purpose glue (which is also suitable for fabric) and attached the outer layer to the inner one.
Next, fold over the top part of the fabric and use the stapler to fix it. Moreover, use glue (or the stapler) to attach the lower end of the fabric to the bottom.
Then use the hot-glue gun (or your all-purpose glue) to attach the ribbon to the top part of your future pen holder.
To make everything look pretty, either use and ink pad and a stamp or textile paint and a paint brush to apply a pattern or a motive to your fabric.
Then you are done, hoorrayyy! :)

Upcycling: Handmade Pen Holder from a Bottle

That's it, your own handmade pen holder, just made from an empty bottle and a few craft supplies that most creative people will have at home anyway.

Of course you could also make several of those with different colors and patterns and in different sizes, using fabric leftovers to cover them.
Happy crafting!

Volvic - Awaken Your Inner Source of Energy

As you can see, water bottles are not only good for drinking enough, there are also endless option of giving them a second life instead of 'only' recycling them. This project was just one of many many possible ideas.

To come back to the topic of heathly living and gaining energy, here's my answer to the last questions:

Is natural food important for you? And why?
- I grew up with eating mostly organic food - thanks to my mother - and while becoming older, I got more and more aware of this and learned to appreciate it a lot. For the past few years, I have already started buying mainly organic food myself, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, a lot of them from a regional origin. Buying natural, organic and regional means trying to contribute to an overall sustainability, living healthy and supporting fair trade and good living conditions for animals. I don't do everything perfectly, but I'm convinced that being aware of all those things and trying to live accoding to a conscious lifestyle is great for physical and psychological health.

What do balanced nutrition and a healthy way of living mean to you?
- As I just tried to explain, a mainly healthy way of living (and yes, I also love good fast food!) means being balanced and feeling good in ones body.

Yippie yay, that's it! So today you did not only get a DIY for a project made of an empty water bottle, you also got to know something about my way of living and about my attitude towards natural food and a balanced lifestyle.

Have fun making this easy peasy project yourself and don't forget to drink enough water! :)
The other blogger taking part in this blogger parade today is Vera from Nicest Things (go and check out her blogpost! :)) and tomorrow it will be the turn of Rebecca from Verlockendes and Yvonne from the blog Puppenzimmer.

Happy day!

P.S.: As always when a blogpost on Luloveshandmade is written for a cooperation, the fact that the blogpost is sponsored does not touch or influence my personal thoughts and opinion. Thanks! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DIY Video: Easy Foldable Photobook

Hello hello! :) Summer seems slowly to be coming to an end, so here's a mini DIY for my video category for you to make your own foldable photobook to display memories. :)
Again, this video has been made with DaWanda with my lovely colleague Lena. :*

Watch my Foldable Photobook DIY Video:

In addition to the video, here's a little sketch for the measurements I used:
Of course the size of the pages depends on the size of the photos you use.
Yippie, so bright and colorful and a pretty spot for holiday memories!
Have fun making your own mini book and don't forget to share photos! :)